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Our Services

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User Experience

Design, Research, A/B Testing

At the end of the day, all websites and applications are customer centric. To that end we dedicate a large part of our services in improving on customer interaction with your web application. From layout design, flow patterns, usability studies and accessibility. We incorporate all aspects of the human psyche into developing your application

Web Development

Websites, Themes, CMS

We offer client side and server side coding, building your web application on robust, maintainable, easily configurable and interchangeable systems. Managing your final product has never been easier.  We offer from basic pages to full blown web ecosystems in form of CMS. We build secure applications to protect your reputation online.

Mobile Apps

iOS, Android, Web

Ready to make the move to smartphones and tablets? As they become more common, more and more people get their news, purchase their products while on the go. We facilitate the development of native device application, mobile web applications as well as hybrids.

Creative Direction

Online and Offline

We must consider every option and idea that is conceptualized through communication design including graphic designer, illustrations, drawings etc.  We keep an open mind and plan new, innovative, and interesting ways of translating ideas out into reality. Exceptional interpersonal skills are key as well as studying different ideas that others conceptualize and knowing what idea is good or bad.

Meet the Team

Tamani Waudo

Daughter / Quality Assurance/ Creative Direction

“That looks great daddy” or “I think you need more green”. Tamani is the inspiration behind Dickson Waudo Media.

Garvin Waudo

Son / Creative Direction

Mentoring to take over the reigns. Garvin is the next generation of web designers. Already inquisitive about coding and programming.


Mentor / Partner / Creative Direction

With whom all things are possible. The ultimate source of inspiration and creativity. I seek his guidance daily.