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I am working on getting my site back online after a year and a half hiatus. I’ll be trying to show case my knowledge and experience using this site. My portfolio is still a work in progress as I port over all the screenshots and project data from my old implementation to this one. As well as update this site with the new things I have been working on and learnt.

Bare with me as you step into some 404 errors and a less than spectacular portfolio


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      $data['page_title'] = "CI Hello World App!";


I have been meaning to write this post a little later, when I was finally ready to, but I think events are passing me by and the context of this post will be lost. While I was re-designing my and thinking about the online takeover I want to perpetrate, it dawned on me that I have been very busy online over the past 10 years.

I counted at least 30 different sites, a handful of event flyers and other custom work. Which got me thinking. What does it take to be successful online?

My principle has always been, you have to have a successful “Brick and Mortar” business first before you even venture online. The internet is used to grow your business not to start it. That is unless you have a really good plan about your “internet take over”.

It’s never been my job to create that plan for my clients, even though I do try to guide them in the process. I am the web professional, with all the tactics and gimmicks, but in the end, its your business and your responsibility. My responsibility is to make and maintain as many successful websites as I can.

So in my next series I am going to catalog, the websites I have created over the years, those that have succeeded and those that have failed. And some of my strategies going forward.

I have always wanted to have a mobile version of my website as well as that of my clients. I have been a big fan of the Iphone since it came out two years ago and am proud of owner of Generation One Iphone. That said I have dabbled in the safari webkit, made a few test mobile sites, but now I am finally all the way Mobile. Check it out on your favorite mobile device